Cumin v Radio New Zealand (15/003 Appeal 15/001)

Content Palestinian president called ‘angel of peace’ Updated at 4:21 pm on 18 May 2015

Publisher: Radio New Zealand, Website

Complainant: D. Cumin

Outcome: Appeal Declined

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The Chairman of the Online Media Standards Authority ruled on 26 May that the complaint had no grounds to proceed. The Applicant appealed the Chairman’s Ruling.

This application was considered by the Chairperson of the Online Media Standards Appeal Committee.  The Chairperson noted the Applicant’s view that there was new evidence to effect the decision and the Code of Standards was incorrectly applied.

The Chairperson said the appropriate Standard had been correctly applied by the Chairman in consideration of the complaint and agreed with the Chairman the headline was not inaccurate or misleading given the overall context and content of the article. Further, the Chairperson said the material provided did not substantiate the Applicant’s view the statement was inaccurate.

The Chairperson said nothing in the appeal application met the grounds on which an appeal could be accepted and ruled that the appeal application was declined.

Chairperson’s Ruling: Appeal Declined

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