Farrant V MediaWorks (15/002)

Content: Alarm over councillor’s link to quake landfill (Published 5:00am, 10 April 2015)

Publisher: Mediaworks, TV3 News Website

Complainant: Buddle Findlay, Legal Counsel for P. Farrant

Outcome: Not Upheld

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Counsel for the Complainant raised a number of issues about the accuracy and fairness of the article under Standards 1 and 3. These included matters relating to the nature of the employment relationship between the Complainant and the company, the level of involvement in a resource application, accurate records of meetings and declarations of conflict and the Complainant’s views about the owner of the company.

Mediaworks argued that all of the statements in the article were supported by the facts and were an accurate record of the interview with the Complainant.

The Complaints Committee agreed and ruled to not uphold the complaint.