Hopping v Mediaworks Ltd (14/011)

Content: Mediaworks 3News website

Publisher: Mediaworks Ltd

Outcome: Settled

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The Chairman noted the Second Schedule of the OMSA Constitution sets out the jurisdiction of the Complaints Committee which covers news and current affairs content; published online; by any of OMSA’s members.

The Chairman confirmed the content subject to complaint was news and current affairs.  It had been published online, on Mediaworks 3News webpage, an OMSA member.

He noted the language used in the online story had been amended by the publisher, Mediaworks, on learning of the complaint. The Chairman further noted the Publisher had issued an apology both in its response and at the end of the story.

He noted the request of the Complainants that the Publisher make a donation to a charity of their selection. However, under the remedy principles the Committee had no authority to order a financial penalty.

On consideration of the above, and noting the self-regulatory actions of the Publisher to amend the content and issue an apology, the Chairman determined it served no further purpose to place the matter before the OMSA Committee Members for consideration and ruled the matter was settled.

Chairman’s Ruling:  Settled

Date of Decision: 8 September 2014