Lawrence and Others v Radio New Zealand (16/004)

Content: Checkpoint with John Campbell Facebook post, first published 18 February 2016

Publisher: Radio New Zealand

Complainant: G. Lawrence and Others

Outcome: Upheld

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The material subject to complaint was offensive user generated comments about the Prime Minister and his mother on RNZ’s Checkpoint with John Campbell Facebook page.

The Complainants said the user generated comments were seriously offensive and expressed concern at the amount of time taken to remove the posts.

The Complaints Committee confirmed it had jurisdiction to consider the complaints about user generated content. It acknowledged RNZ had taken a number of steps to address the matter, however, taking into account the extreme nature of the user generated content, the Committee said the steps taken by RNZ were not timely enough.

Accordingly, the Complaints Committee ruled the complaints were Upheld.

Date of Ruling: 11 March 2016