Meridian Energy v Television New Zealand (16/002)

Content: Video purportedly showing a wind turbine exploding at Meridian’s Te Apiti wind farm. 19 January 2016

Publisher: Television New Zealand, ONE News Now Facebook page

Complainant: P. Clearwater on behalf of Meridian Energy

Outcome: Settled

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The Chairman noted the concerns of the Complainant that the content was inaccurate as it incorrectly associated the story with Meridian Energy and it was irresponsible to publish the story without consulting Meridian Energy in the first instance.

The Chairman noted the Publisher accepted the content was incorrectly attributed to Meridian Energy and was published in error. He noted the Publisher issued a correction and an apology as soon as it realised an error had been made.

Noting the self-regulatory actions of the Publisher to amend the content and issue a correction and an apology, the Chairman considered it would serve no further purpose to place the matter before the OMSA Committee Members for consideration and ruled the matter was settled.

Chairman’s Ruling: Settled

Date of Ruling: 10 February 2016