Moodie v Television New Zealand (15/009)

Content: “Woman killed in horrific escalator tragedy, child saved from deadly machine.”

Publisher: Television New Zealand, Website

Complainant: B. Moodie

Outcome: No Grounds to Proceed

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Chairman’s Ruling: The Chairman noted the concerns of the Complainant that the content of the video showed gratuitous violence and that he contented there was no public interest or context to the video.

Having viewed the video and read the brief online article which accompanied it, the Chairman was of the view the content was straightforward reporting of an incident which was a matter of public interest. He held the brief article provided sufficient context about the content of the short video for readers.

He also acknowledged the warning which appeared at the beginning of the video and which stated “this video contains graphic material that may offend some people” along with the One News logo. The Chairman considered the warning mitigated the graphic image of the woman falling through the floor of the escalator.

He held that in conjunction with the article and warning, it did not reach the threshold required to breach 5e of the Code of Standards. The Chairman said the content observed the requirements of Standard 5 Responsible Content and there was no apparent breach of the Code of Standards and therefore, no grounds for the complaint to proceed.

 Chairman’s Ruling: No Grounds to Proceed

Date of Ruling: 28 July 2015