Munro v Radio New Zealand (14/006)

Content: Radio New Zealand Website

Publisher: Radio New Zealand

Outcome: Not Upheld

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The online article published by Radio New Zealand on 24 June 2014, titled, “Labour confident of strong party list” stated, in part “The Labour leader, David Cunliffe says his party hopes to get at least 34 percent of the party vote and six new MPs into Parliament in the election.”

The Complainant said the sentence opening sentence of the article was inaccurate as “it is a false claim that puts words into the mouth of the interviewee that weren’t only never said, they were denied on the spot.”

A minority of the Committee was of the view the sentence was not an accurate representation of David Cunliffee’s view and could be considered to create a distortion of the overall views expressed in the broadcast.

The majority of the Committee was of the view that the first sentence of the online article did accurately reflect and paraphrase the statements made by David Cunliffe anddid not meet the threshold to affect a breach of the Code. In accordance with the majority, the Committee ruled the complaint was Not Upheld.

Complaints Committee Decision: Not Upheld

Date of Decision: 2 July 2014