Watkin v Whale Oil Beef Hooked (16/017)

Content: “Tim Watkins joins the cast of ‘The Lifeboat’”

Publisher: Whale Oil Beef Hooked

Complainant: T. Watkin

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The Chairman noted that since receipt of the complaint, the Publisher had confirmed its resignation as a member of the Online Media Standards Authority. As the Publisher was no longer a member and had advised the Secretariat it would not engage further with the complaints process, the Chairman reviewed the options available within the complaints process.

At the core of the OMSA complaints process is the voluntary engagement of the Publisher to respond to complaints, robust consideration by the Complaints Committee and the publication of the Committee’s decision. The Chairman said as this process was not able to be applied, he determined the appropriate course of action was to decline to adjudicate on the complaint.

Ruling Date: 22 June 2016

Chairman’s Ruling: Declined to Adjudicate.