Whitewater NZ v Maori Television (15/012)

Content: “Ngāti Pikiao support Coroner’s recommendation to close section of Kaituna.” 2.23pm, Friday 23 October 2015

Publisher: Maori Television, website (

Complainant: Whitewater NZ

Outcome: Settled

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Chairman’s Ruling: The concerns of the Complainant were that the content was factually inaccurate and did not make reference to a reasonable range of viewpoints.

The preliminary response from the Publisher confirmed the content had been removed from all platforms and an apology had been issued on its digital platforms and to the Complainant directly.  The Chairman confirmed the material was no longer available on the website.

On consideration of the above, and noting the self-regulatory actions of the Publisher to remove the content and issue an apology, the Chairman considered it served no further purpose to place the matter before the OMSA Committee Members for consideration and ruled the matter was settled.

Outcome: Settled

Date of Ruling: 30 October 2015