Whyte v Television New Zealand (14/009)

Content: Television New Zealand One News website

Publisher: Television New Zealand

Outcome: Settled

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The Chairman viewed a copy of the content, the complaint and the preliminary comments from Television New Zealand.

The Chairman noted the Second Schedule of the OMSA Constitution sets out the jurisdiction of the Complaints Committee which covers news and current affairs content; published online; by any of OMSA’s members.

The Chairman confirmed the content subject to complaint was news and current affairs.  It had been published online, on the Television New Zealand One News webpage, who is an OMSA member.

The Chairman then noted the subtitle to the photograph which the complaint centred, had been amended by Television New Zealand on learning of the complaint to avoid any ambiguity.

The Chairman noted the Complainant’s other concern that the Garden City helicopter pictured was possibly supplied for publicity purposes but they would likely disagree with it being used to illustrate a report of a serious injury helicopter crash. The Chairman said that the amended subtitle “Garden City Helicopters went to the scene to assist in the rescue” provided clarification for their role incident.

On consideration of the above, and noting the self-regulatory actions of the Publisher, the Chairman said it served no further purpose to place the matter before the OMSA Committee Members for consideration and ruled the matter was settled.

Chairman’s Ruling:  Settled

Date of Decision: 22 July 2014