Williams v Television New Zealand (16/014)

Content: “Carlos Takam dishes not funny NZ comedian a spray after ‘kiss arse’ remark”.

Publisher: Television New Zealand

Complainant: R. Williams

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The Chairman accepted the Complainant considered the content to be misleading, unfair and denigrated Guy Williams because he was employed by a competitor.

The Chairman held the content was comment on behaviour by Mr Williams at a recent news conference and therefore Standard 1 did not apply.

Part B of the Code required complaints to be brought by the person or organisation referred to in the content or their representative / caregiver. In this instance, the Chairman held as the complaint was not from Mr Williams, Standard 3 Fairness did not apply.

In relation to the application of Standard 6 to the complaint the Chairman held that as employment by a competitor was not a listed ground for discrimination or denigration, Standard 6 did not apply.

Accordingly, the Chairman ruled the content was not in breach of the Code of Standards and there no grounds for the complaint to proceed.

Ruling Date: 7 June 2016

Outcome: No Grounds to Proceed